Family Support

Family Support

What is Family Support?

Parenting is a tough job and one that doesn’t come with a manual. We recognise the struggles parents can face and want to support them in their most important job. 

Parent education and support is tailored specifically to each individual family’s needs and desires but will focus on strengthening the relationship between parent and child. 

How does Family Support Work?

A tailored package will be developed to support the family in whatever areas they need and for whatever time frame they would like.  A range of programs and assistance can be included such as understanding child development, behaviour and emotions, routines and schedules at home, developing positive connections with your children and supporting happy healthy homes.


Through Family Support Parents can learn:

  • To have positive connections with their children
  • To support healthy and happy development
  • More effective ways of setting limits and boundaries
  • Ways to co regulate children
  • Ways to support self-regulation
  • To implement routines and visuals at home

Family Support Services Offered:

Filial Therapy

Provides therapy to children using parents as the agents of change. It involves the parent/carer and child engaging in special play sessions together each week.
The therapist trains, supervises and supports parents in developing four specific skills to use with their children:
• Structuring
• Limit setting
• Empathetic listening
• Imaginative play

Bringing Up Great Kids

What is Bringing Up Great Kids?

The ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ Program is a group parenting program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation for a wide range of parents.

Parents are encouraged to explore and reflect on their parenting style, behaviour, interactions and emotional reactions. Parents learn about the brain development of their children and understand how to meet their needs whilst building communication skills.  

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Home Support

A range of packages can be developed to support families in their own homes. These may include:
  • Support in understanding children’s developmental level, behaviour and emotions
  • Increasing skills and confidence to support children’s development, behaviour and emotions
  • Implementing routines at home
  • Support in creating positive connections and relationships with your children


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